Gardening Tips: How to Make a Clean and Lush Garden

Modern Minimalist Garden Design IdeaA garden plays an important role to beautify the look of your exterior home and to provide natural fresh air. Here are some tips to make your garden always green with lush plants.

Remove the fallen leaves
Fallen leaves need to be removed regularly to keep the cleanliness of the garden. To remove them, you can use a broom or rake. The rake functions to collect leaves in the garden. In addition, this tool also can serve to cultivate the garden soil before planting crops. You can rake the soil, so that the air can get into the soil and the soil became loose.

Make sure the soil quality
To improve the quality of soil and nutrients in the soil, you should spread organic fertilizer at least once in two years. Choose the compost, because organic fertilizer is relatively easy to make, so it is safe for the environment. Spread compost on land until it reaches a thickness of about 2.5 cm to 5 cm. Use a hoe or trowel to spread the compost, and blend with a rake across the surface of the ground. Another way to improve soil quality and nutrients is to let the grass that has been mowed spread over the soil surface. It is expected that the grass will decompose and become compost.

Pay attention to the watering system
Gardens really need a good watering to keep the soil loose, so the plants grow optimally. In the dry season, watering should be intensified. If not, the condition of the soil will be dry and cracked.

Therefore, when it is not a rainy season, try to irrigate the garden at least once a week. There is no need to irrigate it excessively; you simply need enough water to wet the grass without making the soil in the garden muddy.

Remove the weeds
Weeds are of course disturbing. In addition to damaging the aesthetic of the gardens, it also absorbs the nutrients in the soil, thus reducing the nutrients that should be absorbed by other plants. There are two ways you can do to get rid of the weeds; using herbicide liquid or pulling them out manually. Getting rid of weeds with herbicide liquids is easier to do, but it is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, if you have a lot of free time, it is suggested removing them manually.

Add nitrogen to garden soil
Nitrogen is very needed by the garden soil to make it fertile. You should not use this substance excessively because the soil can get saturated then.

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