Get Out of Your Safe Zone; Use These Flashy Colors

Cozy Bedroom with Modern Wall DecorIt is your time to choose some more flashy colors for you house. You can imagine greenish yellow, spring green, bluish green, and royal blue. Explore these four colors for your fresher home.

Greenish yellow
The color greenish yellow can be a flashy color for your wall. Yet, if you add a touch of white and neutral lights, the flashy effect from the greenish yellow will reduce a bit. In addition to the walls, you can try using this color for the floor. If you already apply this color to the floor, it would be better to choose neutral colors for other parts of the room.

A softer greenish yellow can even look great for the ceiling or kitchen blacksplash. It can be applied especially in your house is full of wood accents in light colors. This greenish yellow color has various types. Generally, it will look interesting when combined with dark colored walnut wood.

Spring green
Spring green can be a good choice for your rainy days. Try to use this color as an accent to your minimalist bedroom. Also, this spring green shade can look great between the color white and light grey. You can try mixing it with its gradation as accents in a room.

Bluish green
The third color is bluish green. This color tends to be darker compared to the previous two colors. Yet, this rarely used color will add an interesting accent to you interior home.

You can use this bluish green as an accent in your bathroom. Combine it with turquoise, light grey, and white to create a soothing impression as if it were a spa room.

Although very suitable to be applied in a bathroom, this bluish green can also look beautiful in the entire house as an interesting accent. Choose pale bluish green for a more calming room. In addition to darker and softer, this color is also more suitable to be applied in a room with a dark grey concrete floor.

Royal blue
Lastly, try using royal blue. This color will remind you of jeans’ colors which look young and dynamic. You can use this as an accent on your furniture and other interior stuff. With wooden walls, exposed bricks, or orange wall paint color, this royal blue will look more striking. If you want to use this color for your walls, choose light grey floors to highlight the blue color on the walls.

Good luck.

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