Get These 7 Advantages from Investing in Property

Property Investment IllustrationInvestment in stocks, gold, and silver has long been popular and done by many people. But at this moment, there is one type of investment which provides a lot more advantages.

Property investment. Well, according to a study, the investment in property is more and more in demand from year to year. It is because investing in property gives promising results.

It is indeed not easy to invest in property. Yet, if you know the right strategy in this type of investment, it can be done easily and smoothly, which eventually will give you a huge advantage.

The following are seven advantages from investing in property:

  1. Property prices tend to go up. If you are able to get a good property location, the property value can even be multiplied when resold.
  2. The growth value of property asset is ​​generally above the inflation rate.
  3. It can be used as collateral for loans to banks or other parties. Let’s say for a business loan or mortgage which can be used to buy other properties.
  4. It can generate passive income (income without having to work) by leasing it. The rental price of this property also varies, ranging between 3% -5% per year from property prices (in this case; homes).
  5. You can buy property by credit (installment), e.g. bank loans as what is mentioned in point 3.
  6. The loan interest for house purchase is usually cheaper than the interest rate for business loans or credit cards.
  7. When buying property, you do not have to use your own money. You can buy a home  using other people’s money you have borrowed before.

Well, those are seven benefits of property investment. Are you interested in investing in property then?

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