Get to Know Further about Minimalist Tropical House Designs

Minimalist Living Room in a Tropical House DesignMinimalist tropical house design is very suitable to be applied in countries that have the tropical climate. A tropical house is designed to make residents feel comfortable staying in a house  which sometimes has a less friendly weather. The concept of tropical house design itself is intended to make the house adapt to the tropical environment.

The tropical areas are strongly influenced by sunlight exposure which occurs continuously each day throughout the year. Average tropical countries get light irradiation for twelve hours each day. But sometimes, the sun which continues to shine make the air humidity high.

Therefore we need a house with a concept that can cope with the hot weather. To that end, most of the tropical house concepts more emphasis on controlling the air temperature inside the house. What is meant by the temperature control?

  • Widening the openings to make the air circulation flows smoothly. This will make the air inside the house always fresh and new of course.
  • Enlarging the volume of the roof space. A low roof space volume will make a house stuffy and hot. To get the cool air, the volume of the roof needs to be enlarged.
  • Add more plants around the house. This can be done by adding plants around the house and also inside the house. Plants such as shade trees in the yard will bring a cool breeze.
  • Creating a pool in the yard. This pool does not have to be in the form a swimming pool. Fish pond can be a good alternative.
  • Considering the arrangement of the room. Open spaces which have a lot of windows would be helpful to make the air circulates smoothly when the weather is really hot.

It turns out that a tropical house design also can be combined with a minimalist design. Now a minimalist tropical home design has also been widely applied in many elite housing in tropical countries. The shape is simple and elegant but still cool, thus a lot of people interested in choosing this tropical minimalist home design.

This minimalist tropical home is more dominated by the bright natural colors. It is intended to emphasize the  design concept of the house itself. By using such a design concept, the color gradation will further strengthen the concept of minimalist tropical house.

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