Get To Know Further Your Home Interior Feng Shui

Feng Shui Guides in Home DesignsHow important is the role of Feng Shui for home interior? Although many homes are sold with a variety of awesome interior designs, have they considered the balance elements in it, including the Feng Shui for home interior? According to Feng Shui, the central part of the house is considered to have the soil element. Soil elements have an important role in the science of Feng Shui because the soil give all the food needed to survive. From this sector we can know a family’s fortune in general, as well as the family harmony.

There are some specific guidelines related to the central part of the house that must be known when you want to buy and build a house, up to the affairs of expensive apartments to cheap apartments. The first thing you should know is to avoid buying or building a house with irregular shapes and has a hollow in the center of the house. This type of house does not have the “heart” and would disrupt the unity and harmony of the household.

Secondly, the central part of the house which is considered a center position should be Yin or calm, silent, and covered in order to preserve stability in the center of the house. A house with an irregular shape and has a hollow in the center will create a movement that makes the house filled up with excessive Yang energy. This can cause the flow of Qi energy in the house disturbed, and it can affect the health of the occupants.

Then the third, in the science of Feng Shui, Qi energy is the energy that moves on the ground. The basement is considered a hollow. The basement and loft area under the house will have a certain influence on family members depending on its position. However, if the basement is placed in the center of the house, it may make the family not united because this area is considered a hollow space in the middle of the house.

Lastly, note the area of the heart of the house. Use this space as the element with activities which can enhance family unity. Therefore, the placement of the family room in the middle sector will help keep the family remain warm and intimate. The family room should be placed in the middle sector or the “heart of the house” because this is where all family members gather to enjoy activities together and share experiences with each other. The head of the household as a central figure in the family is the core. Therefore, it is better to put his bedroom in the middle of theĀ  home, as it will serve as a binding power that unites the family.

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