Getting to Know Different Types of Kitchen

Different Types of Kitchen LayoutsBased on the image above, kitchen layout can be divided into several types depending on the needs and the space available. Here is some information on different types of kitchen layouts and kitchen zones which could be a guideline for you, especially those with limited space in arranging the kitchen.

Types of kitchen layouts

  1. Single line kitchen. The layout is in the form of a linear line. It means that all of the kitchen activities are done against the kitchen wall. This type is suitable for a narrow and elongate space or for a small kitchen. The sink is usually placed in the middle, between the stove and the refrigerator. (see picture 3)
  2.  Corridor type / double line kitchen. This type of kitchen layout can be placed on both sides of the walls facing each other, or on one side of the wall and the area in the middle of the room. This second kitchen layout makes a different areas in the center can be accessed from two directions. As an alternative arrangement, the kitchen can be arranged into cooking and clean water zone, while on the other side is for the storage zone. Another alternative, the kitchen can be designed with separated cooking zones, while both of the two zones are placed on the same side. (see image 2)
  3. L-shaped kitchen. The kitchen creates an optimal circulation area or a roomy space for its users. This type “L” kitchen is very suitable for large and small kitchen type. As an alternative arrangement, use the long side as the cooking zone and the location of the sink, while the storage zone is set on the other side. If one of the L side is too long, place the three zones on the corner. Thus, they are close to each other. (see picture 3)
  4. U-shaped kitchen. It is one type of kitchen that can create quite a lot of effective storage spaces. The three sides can be used as a storage space. The zone arrangement of this type “U” kitchen is also more flexible, depending on the needs of its users. (see image 4)
  5. Kitchen with an island. This kind of layout is usually formed from a single line type or L type with the addition of a kitchen island (center table). In addition to a permanent table, the island could also be a trolley-shaped desk which is easily removed. Many people prefer to this kitchen layout the design is so flexible. The island itself functions not only as a work table or stove, but can also function to separate the kitchen and living room with an open floor plan.

Types of Kitchen Zones

  1. Cooking zone. It is an area that accommodates the activities of preparing materials, dispensing, cooking, until serving food. This zone includes the work or preparation table, stove, oven, microwave, mixer, grill, etc.
  2. Storage zone. It is the area to put groceries or foodstuffs, either the dry one or the wet one. Wet foodstuffs are normally stored in the refrigerator, while dry food can be placed in a cabinet or other storage area.
  3. Clean water supply zone. It is a zone in which all of the foodstuffs, cooking appliances, cooking utensils, and dining utensils are cleaned, washed, and dried.

Those are different types of kitchen layouts and kitchen zones. It is very important for you who want to design a kitchen, especially a small kitchen due to the limited space. 

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