Getting to Know Different Types of Swimming Pool

Amazing Infinity PoolSome people think that the presence of a swimming pool in a house offers a lot of advantages for them, including as a private swimming pool and as an element to beautify the house. On the other hand, there are some who don’t like swimming pools due to the safety factor and the difficult maintenance.

However, it might be useful for us to know several types of swimming pools. We never know if one day we want to have a private swimming pool in our house.

Play pool
It is called play pool because its depth is no more than 1.5 meters. It is often used for playing water sports, relaxing, and back and forth swimming which is not tiring.

Diving pool
The pool has a depth of more than 2.5 meters and has a diving board. However, this type of swimming pool has a certain standard which is safe to use for diving.

Free form swimming pool
The pool gets its name from its shape which is irregular. Typically, this pool has a natural landscape design. Owners of this kind of swimming pool will feel as if they had a private oasis in their home.

Geometric swimming pool
You will find a lot of lines in this pool. There is also a rigid impression existing in this type of pool. Although it often looks formal, with a little creativity, you will get a pool with a unique shape.

Infinity swimming pool
This type of pool is also known as negative edge pool. It is one of the most spectacular pools. This pool will give an impression that the pool has no limit on the horizon. It needs a very thorough construction process which should be done by professionals.

Lap pool
Typically, lap pool is a pool that is long and narrow. This type of pool is suitable for those with certain health problems. This way, they can exercise swimming every day in the house that is not too big.

This type of swimming pool gets its name from the water which is spilled over. The height of the water is equal to the height of the pool itself.

Well, which type of swimming pool you choose then?

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