Getting to Know Victorian Styles in Interior Designs

Victorian Wood PanelingVictorian style was very popular in 1837 and 1901 and widely used in the entire Europe. The word “Victorian” is taken from the name of Queen Victoria who was the queen at that time. This style is inspired by nature and geometry which are able to create an impression of a luxurious house. The main characteristic of this style is the decoration which is full of decorative arts and colors.

Color plays a very important role in Victorian style to show the function of a room. Colors with dark shades are usually used in the library or living room. Yet, as time changes, Victorian style changes too. Nowadays dark colors become very common in the entire house of Victorian style.

The most common color used in Victorian home design is tertiary color. This color is made by mixing the same amount of primary and secondary colors. So, if you want to apply Victorian style in your home, choose soft and warm colors such as mahogany brown, red, plum, mustard yellow, sage, green olive, and lavender.

Decorative arts
Victorian style is noticeable not only from the colors used, but also from the decorative arts.  Almost all surfaces in a Victorian styled house are covered in a certain decorative arts. Floral patterns are popular to use on wallpaper, fabric, and carpets. While, geometric and line also play important roles in creating authentic Victorian styles. The decorative arts are also applied on the furniture, ornaments, and wall prints.

Applying Victorian styles in our house
Victorian styles are considered to be very classy and artsy. If you apply this style to your home, you will give more value to your home. However, it will depend on your own taste. If you are interested in adopting Victorian styles to your home, perhaps these following pictures will inspire you.

Victorian Dining Room Sets

Victorian Interior Design

Victorian House Window

Victorian House Floor Design

Victorian Wallpaper Pattern

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