Good Feng Shui Numbers for Home

House Number 7Numbers, one through ten, have different meanings. In Feng Shui, numbers which attracts negative energy should be avoided.

There are some numbers that have negative impacts and positive impacts. First, you must know the meaning of each number before determining house number for your home. If you want good luck and fortune, then choose house number that is going to bring positive energy to your home.

Meaning of negative energy numbers
Numbers two, three, five, and seven actually have a positive meaning, but Feng Shui sees some negative energy of the four numbers. Number two will bring unhealthy energy or sickness. Number three means that your family will often deal with problems due to disagreements. Number five has a sense of evil in your life and causes problems. Number seven means that your family has such a hard soul. Hard here is more about the negative energy.

Meaning of positive energy numbers
All Feng Shui numbers are actually positive numbers. Zero means that you and your family have abilities that should be sharpened and trained. Number 1 means finance, so that this number will bring wealth for the occupants. For number 2, despite having a negative sense, it has a positive meaning as well with regard to cooperation. In this case you can cooperate well with anyone. Number 3 is about the creative character of a person. Number 4 refers to a stable and romantic attitude and character. Number 5 means that the house occupants can think ahead. Number 6 means being patient in dealing with any situation. Number 7 is about the ability to correct any mistakes without blaming anyone. Number 8 is related to effort that can attract fortune. Lastly, number 9 is related to success in achieving your goals.

Determination and calculation of Feng Shui numbers
If it is possible for you to choose the number for your house, choose numbers which when added together will have a positive meaning. For instance, you can choose number 35. When both numbers are added together, you will get 8 (the sum of 3 and 5). In Feng Shui, number 8 has a positive meaning, so that it is the right choice for your house.

If after adding the numbers you still have double-digit number, then you can add them together again until you get one digit. For example, it the number you choose is 89, add them together so that you have 17. After that, add the numbers together again. The sum of 1 and 7 is 8.

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