Great Sustainable Design: Colin Powell Middle School by Legat

colin powell middle school entry Colin Powel Middle school is located in Matteson, Illinois, designed by Legat Architects in the respect for energy efficiency, nature, and openness. It is built on 12.000 square footage areas and is able to cover the capacity of 1000 students. This school resident has V-shaped classroom wings which connect to an enrichment including a choir room, learning resource center, cafetorium, gym, and competition-size gym. The classroom wings respond to solar orientation and offers great views to the site. The building features other high-performance technologies include a day-lighting system, geothermal pond system, and a passive security system. Inside, the natural colors surround the building are used to ease navigation and promote a sense of identity for students. The natural day-lighting system is created by the glass façade on the entire building which allows natural light to invade the entire space. Besides, the glass façade also offers some great views. The open floor plan engages natural surroundings and promotes safety as well. The architect states that the design of Colin Powell Middle School responds to the client’s desire to provide a progressive symbol of education to its students and community and that  energy efficiency, environmental conscientiousness, and openness were all driving factors in the design. The following are some pictures of the project which are taken from Arch Daily.

colin powell middle school entrance
Visitors approaching the school at the main entry can see through several building “layers” to the 3-acre pond at the back of the facility.
colin powell middle school classroom wings
A pond-based geothermal system becomes on of the district's high performance systems.
colin powell middle school classroom canopies
Its three V-shaped classroom wings connect to an enrichment core including a choir room, learning resource center, cafetorium, gym, and competition-size gym.
colin powell middle school cafetorium courtyard
Openness. The glass wall at the cafetorium offer some great views outside.
colin powell middle school library courtyard
The library also uses the day-lighting system created by the glass wall.
colin powell middle school gym
Daylight harvesting high performance system has really useful for the interiors of the school, include this gym.
colin powell middle school rendering
Due to its sustainable project along with the high-performance system, the project has received multiple awards.
colin powell middle school plan
The school is designed as an open plan that is sensitive to its natural surroundings.

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