Guidelines to Bathroom Lighting Design

Luxury Bathroom with Beautiful LightingTo get the most of your bathroom design, you need to consider the bathroom lighting which includes the lighting for bathroom sink, toilet, and shower area. Today we share several useful tips for bathroom lighting which will make your bathroom look much more beautiful and exotic.

  • You can choose chandeliers for all those three areas because the light coming from a chandelier will directly lead to the countertop and sink, as well as illuminate the mirror from the two sides, without causing glare.
  • The light should support the atmosphere you want to bring in the bathroom. If you have a traditional bathroom design, you should avoid the impression of a dull space here. A modern style lamp will eliminate this impression.
  • In addition, there should be adequate lights for the floor to prevent people from tripping or slipping due to differences in floor height or because there was a water on the floor. The light circulation of indirect light under the table will illuminate the floor area, and aesthetically make the table look floating. To create a light balance in the bathroom, you can add a halogen light to the ceiling.
  • Modern lighting that is applied in the interior design and arrangement sometimes creates an impression of a cold and flat atmosphere. Both of these impressions can be eliminated with a proper light arrangement. Did you know that the indirect lighting that only relies on the light that illuminates an object can make the atmosphere of the room feel warmer? Well, either fluorescent or halogen lights can be used to presents a warm yellow light.
  • Halogen downlights can be used to highlight metal and glass objects. The light from the halogen lamp is able to display these elements more attractively, which becomes a feature of a modern style. To make the light look balanced, you can use a ceiling downlight as the main lighting.

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