Guidelines to Home Design and Orientation Based on the Sun Direction

Romantic Interior Design with SunscreensLighting in a room should focus on the natural light. You are very lucky if you live in the tropics where the sun shines all years. In addition to being healthy, it can also save energy. For this reason, in every room there should be a glass window against the open space. In determining how big the window and where to make it, you should pay attention to the direction of the sun. Direct sunlight from the west will make the room very hot. Use a window canopy to protect the window from direct sunlight and keep the window from splashing water in the rainy season.

Window glass is one element of a building that serves as a media in which the sunlight comes through and brightens the interior. Also, if it is impossible to make a glass window on a certain room, you can use a void.  Another way is to use a skylight or a transparent glass roof tile, or using Polycarbonate material on the garage roof. The use of partition walls made of transparent or glass block can also be classified as a component of the lighting, as well as one of the architectural ornaments to add aesthetic value.

Sunlight has a lot of advantages for us as well as the house. Yet, if there is something wrong with the implementation of some house elements, the sunlight might cause inconvenience instead.   There are several ways to maximize sunlight on our house.

Bedroom: In order to make the morning sun enter into this space, place the bedroom in the southeast to the northeast. The sunlight entering this room will make you feel spirited every morning.  Besides, this side does not receive the afternoon sun, so it is very comfortable to use for an afternoon nap.

Living room and dining room: A shared space is recommended to be in the northwest or southwest. In this position, the rooms will get more natural light and warm temperatures, and avoided from excessive humidity. To reduce the heat on the west side, you should use heat absorbing materials or jalousie and lattice.

Bathroom: Bathrooms generally have very high humidity levels. Thus, it is very important for his area to get adequate natural light. Place the bathroom on the west side or the east.

Kitchen: A kitchen with all the cooking equipment potentially make the room temperature is high enough. Therefore, the best way is to put this space on the north side or the south.

Openings: In general, openings such as doors or windows should be positioned at the north or south direction, because those directions are not exposed to direct sunlight. If not possible, you can obscure the sunlight by installing curtains on the doors or windows.

By understanding the home design orientation guidelines based on the direction the sun, you will be able to maximize the benefits of sunlight for your house, and also save electricity used for lighting.

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