Guides to Eco-Friendly Home Design Concepts

Green Eco Friendly Home InteriorWe can contribute to the earth preservation from the very small things around us. One of them is through our home design. It is an important step since a house will stand for decades. So, we must consider many things thoroughly to create an environmentally friendly home design.

An eco friendly house will not only save the environment but it will also make you more healthy, comfortable and efficient. Creating a green house or an eco-friendly home will include the following stages.

Minimizing the use of natural resources in the home construction process
During the home construction, try to minimize the use of building materials. You can control the use of building materials and talking to builders in order to use materials sparingly and not to over-purchase building materials which eventually not used. For example, when you need plywood and wood as a brace cast of an upper floor, you can use wood from the former house that which can still be used.

A proper and mature design is also critical in order to save materials. When the planned design is changed or modified, or there is an error in it, some parts might be dissembled, which means another material wasted.

Choosing eco-friendly building materials
Thanks to technological developments, now many environmentally friendly building materials can be used. One way is by conserving the use of wood, which means minimizing the tree felling and saving forests as an important part of life on earth.

Some eco-friendly building materials are mild steel used for roofing, aluminum / PVC or UPVC for door and window frames, and gypsum as a substitute for plywood for the ceiling. As an alternative to the use of wood, we can use recycled wood or plastic wood which is also a result of the recycling process.

Electrical energy efficient homes
Have you ever participated in a campaign turning off lights for one hour? It is intended that we are aware to save electrical energy. It is a good idea to design an energy efficient home. Make a home design with sufficient natural light openings so that there is no need to use electricity in the morning and afternoon. Good air circulation within the house will also reduce the use of air conditioning in the house.

Using alternative energy
There is a system that can generate solar electric or photovoltaic (PV). This energy can replace electrical energy. Alternative energy is widely used to harness solar energy or wind power. The common example is the water heating using solar energy. PV is placed on the roof to accommodate the solar thermal to heat water. With a system that is more complex, these solar thermal power can meet the energy needs for the entire house.

Water efficient homes
Water is an important substance in life. Inside the house is the most use of water. Water is used for washing clothes, dishes, cars, vegetables, for watering plants, for bathing and a variety of other purposes. If used wastefully and carelessly, it is not impossible that we run out of water. Thus, it is necessary to have a good water use management in the house.

How to save water in the home can be started since the construction of the house. For example, we can use dual flush toilet which is water-saving and use sensor faucets. With proper knowledge and application, we can design and manage water disposal in order to be recycled. The waste water from the kitchen and bathroom can be reprocessed so that it can be used for watering plants, cars, and others.

In everyday use, the water can be saved. For instance, the vitamin-rich water that has been used to wash vegetables can be stored and used for watering plants. To save water, we can make an absorption well that will accommodate rain water, or practical steps to make a holes in the park.

Creating gardens
Home gardens become one place that can preserve the environment. In the garden, we can plant a variety of plants that serve as storm water retention, maintain stability and soil fertility and produce oxygen. Trees and plants in the garden can also serve as a heat shield and a dust barrier so that the home can be more comfortable.

You are free to choose any home design style to be built, but do not forget to keep making the house eco-friendly or green. This is a concrete step to preserve the environment. In return, an environmentally friendly home can save money on your home each month.

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