Hanging Garden: A Garden Concept for Small Spaces

Colorful Hanging PlantsDon’t blame your narrow yard for the absence of gardens around your home. With a small yard you still can make your home beautiful and lush. Simply use your hanging pots or plant racks.

Spider plants are widely used for a hanging garden. Yet, you can try other plants such as Epipremnum aureum (also called Australian native monstera, centipede tongavine, devil’s ivy, golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy or taro vine), Bromelia lipstick, begonia, and caladium for a hanging garden.

There are two types of hanging plants; the ones which like the sun and those which do not like the sun. Plants which do not like the sun are usually stored in the porch, as they can be withered if exposed to sun. Generally, hanging plants will look way more beautiful when they are dangling down.

For hanging pots, you have many options available, starting from the ones made of clay, plastic, to aluminum which is stronger and shatterproof. Hanging pots are usually sold complete with the hanger ropes. You can hang it on the pole of pergola or fence. As a complement, you can also try a pot mounted on the wall of the porch.

The hanging plants also need treatment. For instance, you should water them twice a day and fertilize them with NPK composition adjusted to the types of soil or plants.

If you do not want to install a hanging pot, the hanging plants and vines can be planted in pots which are then arranged on the plastic, wood, or wrought iron rack. It is just that the rack does require more space than when the pots are hung. To work around this, select a not too large rack. As a result, your tiny yard will look green and lush.

Tips to create a hanging garden

  • For thick hanging plants, cut a few stalks, and then plant them to another pot. Guaranteed, the stalks will grow as new plants.
  • To clean the hanging pots you can simply use a damp cloth. Wipe it on the pots’ surfaces.
  • No pots? A used bucket can also be used as a hanging pot. Do not forget to give holes at the bottom, so that the incoming water can get out and not kill plants.

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