Headboard, Lighting, and Color Composition for a Comfortable Bedroom Design

Modern Bedroom Interior
Modern Bedroom Interior - Bed with Large Headboard | rejigdesign.com

A master bedroom is commonly become a must space in a home interior design. There are three bedroom elements we are going to discuss; headboard, lighting, and colors.

From the name, it is obvious that the function of a bedroom is a place for bed, to sleep and take a rest. What people expect from this space is a quality time to rest and relax. Therefore, in addition to the high quality mattress, other elements need to be considered to create the desired atmosphere.

A headboard usually becomes one with the bed and is placed at the end of the bed where our head rests. In fact, a headboard doesn’t have to be a part of the bed. In the picture above, we can see that the headboard can become a part of the wall and have more function; becoming an element which unify the bedside and lighting. This headboard design is able to bring a dashing yet cool impression.

The bedroom design picture above is in a wood shade with a great combination of the color light brown and dark brown, matching with the color of the bed. The wide headboard surface can certainly still be explored with any decoration we like such as photographs, paintings, and others.

Bedroom lighting consists of at lest three types; the main light which lights the entire room, reading light, and sleep light. The last two lights in the picture above are placed on the left and right side of the headboard. In that way, the headboard has more function.

The bedroom idea above consists of several colors which are white, brown, light grey on the net curtains, and orange for the sofa. Regardless the color choice for your bedroom, the most important thing to consider is its harmony.

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