Healthy Bedroom Design for Children with Asthma

Minimalist Kids' Bedroom Design IdeaDesigning rooms for children with asthma is not the same as designing children’s room in general. Various factors must be considered. What are they? Environmental factors around us are the major cause of the increasing number of children with asthma. So, the best way to curb this disease is by getting rid of the main cause. Kids’ bedroom, where they rest, sleep, and play, often becomes the major cause of asthma in children. Therefore to minimize the recurrence of asthma in children, the room should be designed in such a way so that it is safe for children with asthma.

Comfortable kids’ bedroom design
So, how is a comfortable room design for children with asthma like? It must feel cool. We suggest you make high ceiling for the kid’s room. To make the room more comfortable, also make a large window so that fresh air can freely enter the room. In addition, you should not put furniture, such as cabinets and desks into the bedroom. Also avoid installing carpet and curtains, displaying dolls, and putting the books in the room. These things can make more dust settled in the room.

Clean the kid’s bedroom regularly
After designing the kid’s bedroom properly, the next thing to do is to regularly clean the rooms every day. If you install an air conditioner in the bedroom, you should clean the condenser regularly, about once a week. The bed sheets and curtains should also be cleaned once a week. Cleaning the bedroom regularly is an important thing to do since dust and other asthma triggers can come very time. By cleaning it every day, the chances of an asthma attack to the children will also be decreased.

That is some information which is useful for you, parents, to make a healthy kids’ room design. This information is actually not only important for bedrooms for asthmatic children, but also for bedrooms in general.

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