Healthy Ways to Work Effectively at Home

Girl Working from HomeStudies show that people who work from home are 15-55 percent more productive than those who work in the office. However, when you are working at home you may find things that interfere with your work, such as a dog barking, phone calls, and even the depressing household chores.

Here are 7 ways to stay productive when working from home:

1. Make your own deadlines
Experts suggest creating your own deadlines for doing each task can lead to a more regular schedule. Determining your own deadlines will also be able to avoid working overtime at the end of time so that you can get away from stress.

2. Make a list of things to do daily
Make a new list each day with a realistic estimation of what can be done in one day. Some people prefer to make a list for a week. But for some other people may be it is less productive to work in a longer deadline. A time management expert recommend to work for 90 minutes, and then take a break.

3. Spend your break time effectively 
Try to spend time off work to leave the seat. Every 90 minutes, stand up and stretch or perform a quick household task, such as washing dishes or watering plants.

Doing a physical activity for a moment during a break can refresh your mind and burn your calories, protecting you from obesity

4. Creating routines
The most effective way to work at home is by creating your own routines to organize our own work, such as by getting a cup of coffee and sitting down, then immediately starting working. The important thing is to build a routine that can be effective to complete the job.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the time used
You need to set aside time to keep track of how you have spent your time so far. It is also to know what is causing your ineffective performance, if you have any.

6. No need multitasking
The ability to focus is often confused with multitasking capabilities. Studies show that people do not have a good performance when they are multitasking. Some experts believe that multitasking capabilities often distract someone’ concentration.

7. Be firm in maintaining the the working time
Keeping the working time is the start of a good performance. You should be firm when it comes to refusing an invitation of a friend while at work or ending a call from relatives while at work. This can ensure good performance and completion of work on time so that it does not burden your mind.

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