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Heineken WoBo (World Bottles): “Brick That Holds Beers”

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 Category: Home Technology

heineken wobo5Image credit: Picasa

Our today’s post is all about the beer Heineken; about the bottles. What’s wrong about the bottles? Well, we are talking about bottles that could be used as building materials. This idea came from Alfred Heineken who visited Caribbean in 1963. It is said that at that time he saw so many beer bottles littering the beach at Caribbean Island of Curacao. On the other hand, he found that many inhabitants of Curacao had not enough materials to build their homes. Thus, he started to develop his idea to make the unused bottles as the building materials with the concept of “bricks that hold the beers”. He worked with an architect from Holland, John Habraken. Together they created the WoBo (The World Bottle), promoting bottle as the base material of a new generation of homes. The WoBo become the vision to solve both the recycling and housing challenges. It is an environment friendly project that needs to be developed.

heineken wobo3Image credit: Create Meaning

heineken wobo4Image credit: Boston Green Building

heineken wobo

Inspired by Heineken, the detail of the temple is made entirely from bottles, from the roofing to the washrooms.

Image credit: Brain Pickings

heineken wobo2Image credit: VIP 


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