Here are the Cheap and Simple Ways to Makeover a Room

Beautiful Living Room Decor with Yellow Curtain Blue Wallpaper Cute Cushions in Floral PatternGetting bored with your home interior design? You’re not alone. Many homeowners feel the same and start thinking of a big home interior renovation project. But wait, do you really think you need a major home renovation for the sake of a new atmosphere? No, you don’t. Here are several low cost, practical, and easy ways to makeover your interior.

Paint your lamp shades with interesting patterns
Do you have a lamp with a plain white or cream-colored shade that looks boring from time to time? Try to improve the appearance of the lamp shade by adding certain paint patterns on its surface according to your taste. In addition to improving your creativity, your room will become more beautiful with a touch of the new atmosphere.

Beautify your room with charming fabric shades
You don not need to replace your old furniture with the new one just to present a new atmosphere. Simply add a few new touches to furniture by adding beautiful patterned fabrics, such as tablecloths with a unique pattern that is attached to the wall and cute colorful scarf at the back of the sofa cushions e to decorate a plain sofa. They could be an alternative way to create a new feel in your room.

Rearrange your furniture
Maybe your room looks old and boring because of the position your furniture. If you want to try to create a new atmosphere in your room, try to change the interior furniture layout and make it more visually appealing as well as comfortable.

Create characters with wall covering
Bored with plain wall paint? Wall covering might become a solution to create a new atmosphere in your interior. In addition to beautiful, wall covering installation is also quite easy. Make sure you buy good quality wall covering for a durable and satisfying result.

Change the color palette on walls
Who says that doing a room makeover means changing the entire interior wall paint color? Re-painting only some parts of the wall with different colors is able to create a new fresh atmosphere for your home. For instance, if you get bored with the color white in your interior, you can simply change the wall paint color on some wall surfaces with interesting bold colors like red or blue. If you feel reluctant to deal with wall painting, you can change the curtains, tablecloths, cushions, vases, or other small items. Simply change the curtain color and add some paintings or cute cushions, and you will get a new room atmosphere.

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