Here Are the Easy Ways to Green Your Home

Amazing Office Design with Vertical GardenGenerally narrow land becomes a problem when you want to build a garden inside the house. You will be faced to two choices; keep building a garden or eliminate it in order to add more rooms.

Actually, you still have a chance to have a garden at home. It is in a garden that does not require extensive land, the vertical garden. Vertical gardens rely on plants that are placed in a special pot along with special irrigation system. Therefore, the cost to make this kind of garden is somehow quite expensive.

Another way to make a vertical garden is to rely on creeping plants planted in regular potting. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the edge of your yard which is attached to the wall. Of course, these plants require certain media so that the stems and leaves of the plants can creep upwards.

The common creeping plants such as Thunbergia rely on the sunlight very much. Interestingly, these plants have a different life mechanism in how they creep, e.g. leaning, using thorns, braiding, twisting, and sticking. These differences will affect the creeping medium.

There are four ways in which creeping vines grow and reproduce well.

  1. Choose plants as needed. Each creeping vine has its own characteristics. For instance, Thunbergia can grow quickly, making it suitable as an alternative to canopy cover.
  2. If the plant is placed in an open area, you should do the planting seedlings in the rainy season. Add compost or organic fertilizer if the soil is not fertile.
  3. Create binding of plant propagation. Its function is to adjust the shape and direction of the plant as desired.
  4. Adjust the propagation medium with the way the plant creeps. The most important thing is that the medium should be strong, durable, and resistant to weather changes. The one which is made of metal is more advisable, white for the wood it is better to choose the spruce or teak.

Now you can start making your home green without taking too much space. Installing a vertical gardening does not only bring natural and fresh air into your home, but also beautify it, adding more value to your home.

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