Here are The Steps to Clean a Bathroom Properly

Clean White Green Bathroom IdeaCleaning the bathroom is a very important thing to do at home. By cleaning the bathroom properly, your home will look clean and get protected from the dangers of diseases due to the bathroom bacteria.

However, we often forget to clean the shower door, sink, window, and toilet bowl. As a result, the germs that stick on the bathroom surfaces are so difficult to clean. Anyway, have you done the right way to clean the bathroom?

One thing you have to remember is that cleaning the bathroom using chemicals is not recommended because it is dangerous for health. We recommend using natural materials such as white vinegar or vinegar. White vinegar is an effective household cleaners to kill fungi, bacteria, and germs, due to the level of acidity. Cleaning the bathroom with white vinegar is a smart way rather than using chemicals. You must also be happy to know that the vinegar is very cheap and environmentally friendly.

Before cleaning the bathroom, you must prepare the tools needed, including brushes, buckets, microfiber cloth, and a bailer. What are the correct steps to clean the bathroom? Here’s the explanation:

First, clean the bathroom tub. Empty the water in the tub. Pour a few tablespoons of white vinegar into the tub. Let stand for one hour. Then rub it gently with a microfiber cloth before use. After that, rinse the tub with hot water.

Second, clean the floors, walls and ceilings. Pour the white vinegar on the floor and walls surface. Let stand for five minutes. Scrub all wall surfaces with a cloth, and brush all floor surfaces. For the high ceiling surfaces, use a long-stemmed mop to clean it.

Third, clean the toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is the biggest nest of germs in the bathroom. Thousands of salmonella and e-coli accumulate here. To clean it, pour baking soda into the bowl of the toilet. Let stand a few minutes, then brush. Once clean, rinse it until it is completely clean. However, if there are still stains on the surface of the toilet bowl, use a pumice stone to clean it. You have to remember to always close the toilet when you want to flush it because germs in the toilet can spread everywhere. In addition, keep a toothbrush or your toiletries that are susceptible to germs in a special container.

Fourth, clean the sink. Pour white vinegar and baking soda on to the sink surface. Then clean it with hot water. For the faucet, you should use disposable wipes that can be immediately discarded.

Fifth, clean up the place of the hand towel. Do not put wet towels in the bathroom because it can invite bacteria and fungi.

Finally, clean the exhaust fan. To clean it, remove the fan cover, then soak it in warm water. Then, use dish soap to clean it, and rinse. Furthermore, clean the dust on the motor with a brush. Make sure all parts are completely dry and then you can close it.

The fan in the bathroom is useful to help reduce the growth of mold and mildew. This fan also serves to absorb dirty particles in the bathroom and dump it out. To conserve energy, install a timer on it. Turn it on 30 minutes before and after bathing.

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