Here’s How to Beautify the Main Door of Your House

Stunning Front Door DesignThe function of home seems to be growing not just as a comfortable and safe shelter, but also as a self-image. Now many homeowners are competing to enhance the appearance their house facade. One of them is by beautifying the main door design.

In addition to adding beauty to the facade of the house, the main door is also believed to be the entry of positive energy, or what might be called Qi in the science of Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui experts, the main door should be placed in an area that has good Qi, for example, facing the wide open area.

The main door should not be facing the neighbor’s building which has a sharp shape, electricity source, columns, trees or landfills. If the main door is designed in the form of two panels, both panels should be made in an equal size and have a solid shape.

The door is indeed a small part of the house, but its presence is important. The overall appearance of the house will not look attractive when the main door design does not match the overall look of the house.

The main door of the house does have a very varied design than the other doors, e.g. the door leaf, shape, and mechanism.

Based on the type of the door leaf, the main entrance has three alternatives; single leaf door, double leaf door or French door, and multi-leaf door.  Double leaf door is divided into two types; the one with both doors made ​​of equal width and the one with different width. Multi-leaf door is usually found ina folding door that has more than two leaves.

Based on the shape, the main door typically has two popular shapes, which are rectangles and the combination of rectangles and curves. In some homes, you might find unusual shape combinations such as the asymmetrical contemporary shape.

Meanwhile, based on the mechanism, main door can be divided into swing door, sliding door, and folding door. The selection of the main door opening system is dependent on the size of the home and the door openings.

To get a good main door, you should select the material thoroughly. The main door should be made ​​of strong material which is resistant to shock and weather, and also can protect your from crime energy.

They type of wood which is commonly used is the one that has good durability. This kind of wood has a wonderful texture and resistant to water. In addition, uPVC and glass are sometimes combined with other materials such as wood. The glass layer is usually only used as decor accents on the door panels. The position, size, and shape of the panels are very dependent on the design and model of the main door. For those of you who like luxury and elegant design, you can add complementary decoration tp the door. However, regardless of the design of the main door, make sure that it looks harmonious with the overall look of the house.

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