Here’s How to Create Green Property

Energy Efficient Home SymbolThere are many environmental issues that must be faced by people living in big cities. In addition to garbage, erratic weather issues sometimes make the house, which should actually be a comfortable place, feels hot that we need to install air conditioning in every room. In fact, the house in which we live will feel comfortable if the air is cool naturally. It’s always great to have an energy efficient home which is environmentally friendly.

Consider some of these tips, in case you are inspired to make a green property business, to build an environmentally friendly home:

  1. Use local materials, do not import. Why should we import the materials if all the needs to build an environmentally friendly home already exist in our own country.
  2. Make a partition to the roof. There are various kinds of electronic items in our house that release heat. An environmentally friendly home should pay attention to this sort of thing.
  3. Buy furniture made from used things. Plywood furniture from of containerized cargo is a trend today. It has a good shape and is also cheap. If you want to, you can create your own.
  4. When doing a home renovation project, do not throw away used materials that actually still can be used. Those materials can be recycled.
  5. Use water-based paints containing natural material. Houses nowadays generally use oil-based paint. All materials containing oil should not be used too much because it requires a lot of energy to produce it.
  6. Save to buy solar panels. The price of solar panels is expensive. And the solar panel maintenance cost is higher than when you buy it.
  7. Replace your fluorescent with energy saving lamps. Energy consumption in the home should be kept to a minimum.
  8. Use wood for door or window; do not use metal or UPVC material (unplasticized poly vinyl chloride). Basically, wood materials absorb more heat, and more easily repaired if damaged.
  9. Keep an eye on electricity use.

By making an effort to create an energy efficient home, you also help preserve the earth. So, let’s green the earth.

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