Here’s How to Make Your House Look Glamorous

Glamorous Purple Bedroom Idea with Dotted Wallpaper and Gold Pendant Lamp ShadesWe always want to make our home the best place to live on earth, which represents our taste, lifestyle, and livelihood. Well, if you want to make your home comfortable and attractive at once, you can add glamorous elements to it. There are ways to express expensive tastes on home design without spending a lot of money.

How do you define glamour? 
Glamour has an air and allure, adventure, romance and excitement. A glamorous room is a smart and beautiful room. Glamour is also sophisticated and elegant, highly desirable and not affordable.

What makes something glamorous?
Something will seem to be glamorous if it is special. It could be something simple, like, something glittering and shining. For instance, rich and luxurious fabrics give a special feeling and longing to have the fabrics. Fabrics can be glamorous. Metals can be glamorous. Colors can be glamorous. They all evoke a feeling of richness and sophistication.

Where to start when we want your house to look glamorous?
Always keep your house clean and make all surfaces shiny. Glass and metal should always be polished. Your accessories should be updated. Rotate your collection, or take some type of seasonal accessories that you have. You may want to add, move, or change the existing color palette according to the season.

Are there certain colors that are glamorous?
Blue and porcelain white, velvet green, purple and gold. It is a tradition and classic colors that evoke the charm of glamour. The application of fine materials and fabrics can be very glamorous, especially when paired with metal and sparkling crystals. Neutral gray color with gold detail is often considered to be very French, which means very glamorous.

Where do we look for glamorous things that fits the budget?
People often think about sparkling things when they think of “glamour”. Glamour presences balance. With this understanding you can easily find a quality shiny thing. It is a good idea to shop with your smart phone! You may find a lot of branded products with low cost.  As you are shopping, use the internet search engine to help you find the product and know the price. Thus, you will know whether the products fit your budget or not.

Where do we have to look for cheap products?
There are so many places to go for cheap items these days. Thrift stores, consignment stores, flea markets and antique stores often have some accessories. This all can add shapes and functions to a glamorous style look. You will also find art objects, even furniture. You just need to clean and refinish those items to get the new shiny look.

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