Home Accidents: Safety Rules for Sharp Objects at Home

Kid Holding a KnifeOne of the most important safety rules about knives may surprise you, i.e. always use a sharp knife. A sharp knife requires only a slight pressure when cutting than a dull knife. And by using a sharp knife, your hands will be less likely to slip.

However, if you are not careful, sharp knives and other sharp objects can also harm yourself. Here are tips for using sharp objects at home:

  1. Cut it right. Use the correct size and type of knives for the work you do. For example, a small knife to cut vegetables and long knife to carve the meat.
  2. Do not hold something in your hand while cutting. Use a large cutting board. Do not get your fingers at the bottom when handling foodstuffs, but take away from the knife.
  3. Keep your eye away from the blade. This is to avoid any danger when you are distracted by the kids, TV, and telephone.
  4. Don’t try to catch a falling knife. Instead, step out back and let the knife fall to the floor.
  5. Keep the blade away from the edge of the cutting board or counter. Do not throw any towel or napkin on top of the blade so you cannot see it. Never leave knives in the sink or in the soapy water, in which one can reach without seeing the knives. Clean, dry, and keep the knife after you use it.
  6. Store the knives properly. Keep them securely and out of children’s reach.
  7. Teach safety. Teach children about sharp object safety. When children are in the kitchen, teach them not to run, but to walk. When they help you cut, let them just use a plastic knife.

By following the above tips, you will protect your family’s safety at home, especially from sharp objects.

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