Home Feng SHui: A Kitchen Under a Bathroom Invites Negative Energy

Beautiful Kitchen Design in First FloorNowadays we often find a multi-story house either due to the limited land or the home design trend. It makes the house partition based on the function of each room and its effectiveness.

On the first floor there is usually a living room,  a master bedroom, a kitchen, and also a bathroom. Meanwhile, in the second floor you might find bedrooms and bathrooms too.

The problem is that the position of the bathroom is often made one line vertically towards the position of the kitchen beneath, due to the need of pipeline. That’s way, in a two story house you might often find a kitchen right under a bathroom.

People nowadays have realized that a kitchen should not be right under a bathroom because bathroom is considered to have a bad composition. This is in line with the principles of Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, a bathroom or toilet is considered as a place with Sha Qi or the killer energy which can damage one’s fortune atmosphere or Sheng Qi inside the house.

Firstly, in accordance to the advance of science and technology, there are quite a lot of ways to avoid water leakage in a bathroom. It makes people keep placing a bathroom above a kitchen. However, now matter how great the construction technique is, there is no method to avoid odor leakage since bathroom is not an air proof room. This might create a bad effect for the house occupants in terms of the health, harmony, and security.

Secondly, from the culture point of view, a bathroom above a kitchen is considered not appropriate. Experienced architects will not make such a design concept. They will make a house with an atmosphere which provides both physical and mental comfort. They will not merely design a house based on the function of each room. If your two story house already has a bathroom above a kitchen, you are advised to move the kitchen to another space. It is intended to repair your fortune and health.

Image credit: kitchen-design.org.uk 

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