Home Feng Shui: Let Your Stairs Bring Good Luck

Modern Luxury Interior with Minimalist Wooden Stairs

Each element of the house must have a Feng Shui analysis, including the stairs at your home. Stairs are usually built on a house that has a limited land. But not everyone has the same reason. Many homeowners build stairs as part of the interior of their luxury home. To find out whether the stairs in your house are already good according to Feng Shui, you can analyze it from the number of steps.

Stairs have a role to connect and flow energy from one floor to another. Energy that flows can enter the house through the main door and will spread to all parts of the room including the rooms located on the top floor. It is the stairs that become the medium for energy (Chi) to flow up and down.

Stairs are also considered a large hole in the house building. The structure of hanging building is actually less good according to the science of Feng Shui as it can create a negative effect. The negative effect of this kind of stairs is equal to the negative effect on the beam or pole in the house. However you still can change the layout or design of your stairs in order to have good Feng Shui.

Location of stairs
Well, to create stairs with good Feng Shui, in addition to paying attention to the number of the steps, you must also pay attention to the location. Each home has different ideal location for staircase. But one thing you should avoid is placing the stairs close to the main door of the house. Feng shui expert found the stairs near the main door of a house would not be good to the legal and financial aspects, as well as fortune. Negative effects can be doubled if the stairs are located on a straight line with the main door.

The beginning and end of stairs
You also need to note the beginning and end of the stairs in your home. Check whether there is enough space at the beginning and end of the stairs. The goal is to avoid a too rapid energy flow. The stairs direction is also another aspect that should by noted. Avoid the stairs that lead directly into the toilet, entrance, or bathroom since it could move the energy quickly, making your home lack of energy.

One more thing, make sure that the mouth of the stairs in your home is not dealing with the kitchen, study room, working room, or bedroom door because it can create a huge negative energy.

Shape and size of stairs
Avoid a spiral staircase and the one which is too steep because they are only going to accelerate the flow of energy in your home. Adjust the size of the staircase to the size of the house building to make it look proportional and balanced.

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