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Inspiring Master Bedroom IdeaThe yin theory says when there is a good then there is also a bad. If we get the good one, of course we need to be thankful. Yet, if we find the bad one, we have to make an effort to deal with this. A popular saying says that we can buy a soft bed but we cannot buy a good night’s sleep. We can make our bedroom such a cozy and luxurious space. However, it is not a guarantee that we can rest and sleep comfortably there. There is another important thing that we need to take into account, i.e. qi (chi) in the bedroom which gives a good effect.

If you quarrel a lot with your spouse, perhaps there is something wrong with the arrangement of your bedroom. Direction that causes quarrels is the Wu Gwei. This direction depends on the trigram pattern you have. For example, if you are a woman born in 1978, you have trigram pattern number 2. Thus, your Wu Gwei direction or sector is southeast. It means that if your bedroom is located in the southeast, or your sleeping position (bed head) is facing to the southeast, then you are exposed to the effects of Wu Gwei that makes you have fight with your spouse easily.

They flying star method
In addition to this, another method of Feng Shui called the Flying Star method says if you are facing Facing Star number 3 then you tend to have an easy fight. The Facing Star number 3 direction is dependent on the home direction. Each direction gets a different Facing Star got number 3. For example, if you have a house facing west sector 2 which you have been living in after 2004 (the period 8 house), then the Facing Star number 3 is on the east.

If you are a woman born in 1982, having a trigram pattern number 6 in which the East is your Gwei Wu direction; and also with Facing Star number 3 which is in the East as well, then the quarrel potential is very high if you are facing east. Therefore, avoid that direction so that the negative effects of quarrels do not happen.

What is even worse is when you begin to inhabit the home in 1984 or more and never do substantial renovations. This means that your house has a composition of qi period 7. If your house is facing major axis as the north or south, then each of both directions has two fight energy sectors which give bad effects for your marriage life.

Houses facing north sector 1 and south sector have qi altercation on southeast and central sector. Houses facing north sector 2 and 3 as well as southern sectors 2 and 3 have qi altercation on northwest sector and central sector. Houses facing north sector 1 and south sector 1 have the qi fight in the west and northwest sector. Houses facing northeast sector 2 and 3 as well as the southwest sector 2 and 3 have qi altercation on east and southeast sectors.

If your bedroom is located in that sector, then you are advised to occupy other rooms which have better qi, so that you can enjoy a more harmonious life.

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