Home Feng Shui Taboos You Need to Know

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Good house Feng Shui will bring good luck for you, the occupants. In addition to doing things what Feng Shui teaches, you also need to avoid several things Feng Shui forbids. For instance, in terms of shape, you should avoid a triangular shape for your house. The sharp corners in this shape are considered as a symbol that brings disasters to the house occupants. Not only shapes, there are other Feng Shui taboos you need to know to create a house that brights positive energy.

Avoiding bad house decoration 
A wrong house architecture might harm you, e.g. a too low ceiling. In Feng Shui, ceiling is the symbol of the sky. If this part is too low, you will feel squeezed from above. The room will also feel too tight.

You also need to avoid placing the main door in front of the stairs. Feng Shui teaches that door is the mouth of Chi. This is where Chi enters the house. If there are stairs at the back of the main door, this positive energy will move directly to the upstairs or downstairs quickly. As a result the main room will not obtain positive energy at all. This is what makes the main room seem dead.

If your house has a balcony, try not to put too many things there. The balcony is a place to collect positive energy. We suggest you make your home balcony airy and bright. Move any furnishings that are not useful to other places. The point is, keep your balcony simple and not look crowded.

Room placement
It should be noted that the living room should be in the front part of the house, the family room should be in the middle, and the bedroom should be in the quietest space in the house. Do not place the bathroom in the middle of the house or at the end of the hall since it will mess up the positive energy inside your house. It is suggested that you put the bathroom at the back part of the house or at the edge of the hall.

If you want to use a desk or chair, avoid the one with open or sharp corners and edges. Also avoid any pillar close to the desk since it can make you feel tired. It even can make you get headache and difficult in concentrating. It is suggested that you select a desk that does not have sharp corners. Putting some table decorations can also give a positive impression on the desk.

Good positive energy is always moving in a circle. Therefore, try to make the interior of the house support it all. One way is to avoid home Feng Shui taboos. 

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