Home Feng Shui Tips: Think Twice to Put these Items in Your Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom with Chinese StyleTo Feng Shui your bedroom, you should focus not only on the Qi energy, but also on the position of the bed. According to the bedroom Feng Shui, the bed position is more important than the headboard direction. Therefore, even if the headboard faces the right direction, yet the bed is wrongly positioned, you will not able to feel the positive effect of Feng Shui in the bedroom.

For the sake of  your fortune and health, from now on, do not place any items in the bedroom carelessly. Sleeping position should also really be considered. In addition to health, it can also affect your income.

You need to think twice to put the following items in your bedroom:

For women who like to preen, a mirror can be a close friend. Yet, its presence in the bedroom should be considered thoroughly. No matter where it faces, putting a mirror in the bedroom is basically not good. If it is already put there, try to position the head while sleeping not to face the mirror.

According to Feng Shui, the mirror would make you feel difficult to sleep soundly because there is often disturbing negative energy arising from the reflection of the mirror. Glass mirror on the wardrobe door can also cause misfortune.

Dressing table
Preferably, do not let the dressing table position face directly to the window. The glaring light outside will be reflected back by the mirror to your face.

The wind from the fast will cut off or impede the Qi energy that exists around the bedroom. They who often sleep under the fan are prone to health problems or diseases. Keep in mind, the quality of the Qi energy best to be inhaled and absorbed by the body is when it is flowing in and out of the body smoothly.

Although it is in the off condition, the presence of a television in the bedroom also gives adverse effects. Television stores sufficient energy, and the wave of energy can cause difficulties to sleep soundly. It would be better to think back about the layout of the television set in your bedroom.

Do not make the headboard of the bed face the door, so that the exact position of the head and feet faces the door. And, do not let it face the door of the bathroom or toilet mirror. The reflection caused by the mirror or toilet will cause a nightmare.

Cabinets & used clothing
Feng Shui seems indeed to keep old objects away from your sleep. To that end, any unused closet should no longer exist in the bedroom. According to Feng Shui, this will complicate the flow of Qi which causes various difficulties and problems. In addition to health problems, it might also affect your fate.

Meanwhile, used clothes are also not good to be stored in the bedroom. It does not mean that they must be discarded, but just put them in a separate place, and move it to another room. Past energy of the used clothes will inhibit good fortune to come in to your life.

Bad influences could also come from a bedroom adjacent to a kitchen. In Feng Shui, it will cause an unhappy feeling at home.

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