Home Improvement Ideas: Turning Your Garage into a More Attractive Space

Home Tiki Bar DesignGarages often end up as empty spaces which are not used by the homeowners. If they are filled with many things, they tend to end up as warehouses.
Rather than letting our garage end up as an unused space or a warehouse, it would be better to use the garage for another purpose. Here are a few contributors of Houzz who have change the use of the garage in their homes into beautiful spaces. Let’s check the inspiring experiences.

First, Suzanne Dingley of Suzanne Interiors in Salt Lake City. She is working on her garage which has the size of 16.7 square meters. Dingley and her husband need a work space at home. Therefore, they decided to convert the garage into office space for two people.

Dingley combined the color white, wood motif, and red color for her office. Previously, the garage which was not connected to the house looked dark and dirty. Then she raised the ceiling, installed new flooring and built-in storage.

The result was not disappointing. The work space looks bright and ideal for the work. Dingley also replaced the garage door with a distinctive French door, as well as adding two new windows so that sunlight can enter into it. In addition, she also added the insulated roof, floor control, window cooling, and heating.

The second example comes from Houzz contributor, Rick Giudicessi from Des Moines, Lowa. Unlike the garage belonging to Dingley, the garage owned by Giudicessi merges with the main house. To that end, Giudecessi worked extra carefully and asked for professional help in order not to damage the main house.

Giudicessi transformed his garage area of ​​22.3 square meters into a bar with a special terrace. He and his family can use this extra kitchen for recreation every weekend. When they cannot use the terrace of the tiki bar area, they move inside, to the heated area.

Before being changed into a modern bar along with the refrigerator and television, the garage of Giudecessi did not only look bad. The garage door was even too small for the car to move inside. In addition, the garage layout looks weird.

Besides the two approaches, there is another approach which looks far more luxurious. Other Houzz contributors, Michelle and Rich Walyon, in Long Beach, California, change their garage into a place to relax next to a swimming pool. That 37.1 square meter garage now looks more elegant with the presence of wooden furniture and decoration which is dominated by the color white.

Are you interested to use one of the inspiration above to change your garage into an attractive and beautiful space?

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