Home Interior Lighting Tips for a Comfortable Atmosphere

Beautiful Living Room Lighting IdeaIt seems that setting home interior lighting is an easy thing to do. Every room in the home generally only has one lighting point which is placed in the center of the ceiling.

Although easy, this method will not make your interior look beautiful. In fact, this type of lighting will not provide a perfect shade for your night sleep.

Lara Proctor, a home lighting expert from Seattle, USA, has simple tips for you. Proctor recommends you to use layers of light that is able to establish an atmosphere in your home or room. Use general, special, and accent lighting.

General lighting is light that is at the center of your ceiling. Chandelier, even the LED lights can be an option. Meanwhile, a special light or task light is spotlights that can facilitate your work, for example, a table lamp and chandelier above the dining table.

The last suggestion is accent lighting. Accent lights can mean additional lighting to illuminate paintings, or lights that highlight the corner of the room. These lights can add a dramatic touch and beauty to your home.

Second, Proctor advises you to reuse old lamp shades. Buying them from thrift stores, antique shops, or asking them from your parents’ house is the right step. You can save a lot of money, it also reduces the production of waste. Do some adjustments and repairs when needed.

Antiques or vintage items can give your home characters. The antique light shades that you get will be the main attraction in the room. You can customize the decor to match the lights.

Then, try to use a dimmer. According to Proctor, the dimmer is able to conserve electricity and prolong the life of the lamp. However, please note, dimmers do not work on some types of lamps. Ask the seller or lighting experts who sell their products to you.

Try to be open to new options. Currently, LED lighting is the most energy-efficient types. However, it is possible there will be other types of lamps that are more efficient and brighter.

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