Home Office Tips: Working Comfortably and Productively at Home

Simple Home Office Design with Wooden FurnitureWorking at home no longer becomes a problem. Instead, this could be an opportunity for young people who want to start their own business. However, working at home is actually not risk free. Without self-discipline, the target will not be achieved. Startup or home-based creative businesses owners can perform the following steps to create a comfortable small home office or creative space at home.

  • First, choose an area that can be used as a workroom. You can choose an area behind the house, garage, or bedroom. It depends on the work pattern and purposes.
  • And then, design the space into a fun and inspiring workroom. The chosen area doesn’t have to be a special room. For starters, the design can actually be started from the bedroom itself. A table, tools, desire, and self-discipline are crucial to start a business at home.
  • If necessary, paint the wall around the area with a favorite color. Create some sort of board or hang a variety of notes, pictures, and accessories that can lead to an inspiration.
  • Make sure the area has an adequate access to sunlight. Sunlight is very crucial here. Make sure you have an adequate amount of sunlight, and not too much. If you work with a computer screen, too much sun, especially those that directly leads to the computer, will complicate the vision on screen content. Therefore, it is helpful to use blinds, curtains, or adjust the position of the table so that the amount of incoming sunlight is not excessive. Conversely, if there is less sunlight coming within the room, use lights. Do not forget to first check the color, strength, and the most appropriate type of lighting as needed.
  • After that, start making a list of the needs and wants for the area. The need is of course very dependent on the work area. For example, if you are an architect, painter, or handicraft maker, then you will need big tables, room to store stationery and coloring, as well as a versatile space that can be used to compare the work, presentation, or just to relax. Start it from the list of the most basic things.

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious studio as a work space at home, you may want to consider the use of the small “train” to save your stuff. This small “train” can be used as a place to store stuff, that can be moved. Happy designing.

Image credit: furnitursite.com 

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