Home Renovations May Harm Babies

Home RenovationAre you planning to make a room for your little baby? Well, due to the presence of the baby, it may make you plan to renovate your house then. There are some dangers that could harm your child especially when you are renovating your home.

Negative impacts of a home renovation
The home atmosphere will turn into a messy and dirty one while doing renovations. It can be very annoying. Thus, it is not advisable to do a renovation when there’s a baby in the house. These are several things that can give bad impacts to the baby during a home renovation.

  • Stress on the mother or baby sitter: A messy and dirty atmosphere inside the house can make a mother or baby sitter become less comfortable. Increasing jobs may be experienced by a mother since she has to supervise or clean the house. When the mother or baby sitter is under stress, the baby can get the bad impact. Moreover, mothers have a strong bond to their babies so that if they are under stress, the baby will feel discomfort too and may become fussy.
  • Indoor air pollution: Home renovation results in air being dirty. Odor of cement, paint, and glue cause  an unpleasant smell. More dangerously, the smell is toxic because it comes from chemicals. Not only harmful to the baby, it also does not smell good either for adults. In addition to the smell, the renovation also creates dust that can interfere with breathing. Dust from the mortar, the walls which are dismantled, or goods removed. Dust can also contaminate the baby clothes which are being dried. As a result, respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea or headache may attack.
  • Noise pollution in the home: Sounds of builders’ tools will interfere with the baby. Speech sounds from the builders at work, pounding hammers when used, drill, electric saw, or other machine tools is a source of noise pollution. It can make baby feel disturbed and not comfortable.
  • Risk of accidents: When renovating the home, the risk of accidents can happen to the baby or baby sitter. Electrical wires out of place, debris from the ceiling, wood floor, scattered nails or other objects can pose the risk of accidents that injure them.
  • Limited space for baby: Infants may only be in the room while renovations take place if the baby were locked in his room. As a result, the baby may feel bored.

Things should do during a home renovation
Remodeling a home is not fun and can be dangerous for the baby. Thus, it is not advisable to do a renovation when there’s a baby in the house, since babies are sensitive and still vulnerable to diseases. If you still have to do a renovation or a home improvement, the following things should be done during the process:

  • Evacuating the baby: Because it can harm and disturb the baby, you should rent a house or boarding house as a place to live during the renovation is in progress. Or, if possible, let the baby and the mother e in the family or relatives’ home.
  • Infants cared for exclusively: That is, the mother or the baby sitter is not involved in the renovation work of the house so that the baby is not exposed to the pollution. It would be no good, if the baby sitter takes part in the renovation of the house and is in contact with the baby. The baby sitter’s hands or other body parts can be contaminated with harmful substances from building materials.
  • Using safe building materials: Select building materials that are not hazardous or containing toxic chemicals. For example, select a safe paint that is not harmful to the baby when the renovations have been completed. Note the content of the building materials on the label or packaging.

Things should do after a home renovation
Once the renovation is done, it does not mean the whole house is be safe for the baby. There are a few things to consider while home repairs have been completed, including:

  • Getting rid of the dangerous goods: Woodworking equipment that harm should be removed or kept carefully. Nails, scissors, paint is an example of some things that have to be removed so as not to cause unwanted accidents.
  • Cleaning up furniture: All furniture should be cleaned first before it is put into the house. It is  intended to make the furniture free of dust that can interfere with the baby’s respiratory.
  • Leaving the room open: Newly renovated house should not be directly occupied because the smell of building materials or paint has not disappeared completely. So, for a few weeks let the house open so that the smell in the home can be replaced with the fresh air from outside.
  • When the baby should use the room: The new baby’s room painted should not be directly occupied because it can damage the health of the baby. Wait until 4-8 weeks before occupied. During that period and let the nursery remains open. For a floor which is covered with parquet, it took about 8 weeks for the room to be safe for the baby to sleep. Make sure the smell of glue and coating is completely lost.

Babies who are still sensitive and easily hurt should be protected from things that are harmful when doing home remodeling. Consider it thoroughly and minimize the things that can interfere with the baby if you have to do a renovation when there’s a baby in the house .

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