Home Theater Design Tips

Home Theater Design IdeaWhen buying a set of home theater equipment, there are several things need to consider first so that it can really add a beautiful touch to the interior home design. The following are some tips to build a comfortable home theatre.

Choose the right size and type of screen
The screen size’s should be adjusted to the size of the room and the users’ visibility. The best thing is a sufficient visibility which is not too close or too far away. Imagine if you are in a movie theater and think about the sitting position in which you like the most and in accordance to the convenience of your eye viewpoint. Choose the type of screen you like; LCD TV, PLASMA TV, CRT TV or Projector. Each has different advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the location of the home theater equipment set
Avoid putting your home theater equipment directly facing the window. The incoming sunlight would interfere with the intensity of light on the screen. Also avoid direct light which highlights the screen.

Consider the home theater interior design
The material used for the home theater may vary. Wood can be used for the furniture to hold the home theater devices such as the amplifier, DVD, TV, and speaker. The floor should be covered with carpets to dampen sound reflections that can cause an echo. The placement of some interior objects such as bookcases, sofas, curtains can also help reduce reverberation because an empty room tends to cause an echo. To reduce the noise from both inside and outside the home theater, the walls can be covered with wood or foam as an acoustic silencer.

Comfortable, soundproof, rather dim lighting, and also the use of AC are the principles in building a home theater. For the convenience, a home theater should also be equipped with a soft large sofa.

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