House Facing Direction Determines House Fate and Future

House Facing DirectionA good home, according to Feng Shui, is determined by several things including location, direction, and decoration. To obtain the benefits of Feng Shui, all these factors must be considered. Feng shui would be better when applied from the beginning of the house construction.

Determining home location
If you do not specify the location to build your home yet, you’ll want to know this. In Feng Shui, the ideal location for a house is the one between tall buildings. The right, left and rear of the house should be covered by higher buildings. Instead, the front side of the house should be made ​​lower. The location of the house should also be close to mountains and water. In Feng Shui, the mountain is considered as a producer of Qi, while water is believed as a Qi collector. Therefore, the mountain and the water should be at a radius of 5 to 10 miles from home.

Determining home facing direction
Home facing direction determines the future and the fate of the home itself. In Feng Shui to build a house, each direction has its own character. For example, the North is synonymous with career, business, and protection to the family. As for health luck, East is the right direction. For the family fortune, you should make your home face towards the West. This direction is also a representation of descent and children fortune.

South also has a good meaning. This direction is related to the popularity, rewards and recognition, and power. In addition to the four directions, other direction such as the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest are also able to bring certain luck to the owner and occupants of the house. The Northeast is able to bring good luck on education and research, while the Southeast represents money and wealth luck. If you want a good financial life, you can consider this direction.

What about the other direction? Other direction as Northwestern also has to be a good choice, especially for those who want a fortune from the sky. As for  romance, Southwest is the best choice. The balance in this direction is also closely related to domestic harmony luck.

Good color in Feng Shui
In Feng Shui to build a house, house paint colors can also bring special effects on your luck. To get the spiritual sense, you can select purple and blue  As for a symbol of growth, the green color is the best color. For basic colors, neutral colors such as white is the best choice.

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