House Facing Direction Determines Your Luck

Feng Shui Elements and House Facing DirectionThe house is not just a place to rest. This is where people can obtain tranquility. That’s why home should be made ​​as comfortable as possible. But sometimes comfortable is not enough. For some people, a home should be filled with warmth and good luck. This is where the role of Feng Shui needed.

Determining house facing direction 
When you want to build a house, you must first consider the the direction of the house. Each direction has its characters and meanings. Therefore you must determine what good luck you want. If you want a career and business luck, the north could be a very appropriate choice. This is not without reason. This is because north is the main sector of all the directions.

Actually, north is not the only direction to bring good luck to your life. Other directions also represent different fortune. There is a direction that represents good luck in health,  in fame, in romance, in family life and in education. Therefore, before determining the direction of the house you should decide what fortune you want to get.

What each direction represents
For more details, you need to know the character of each house facing direction. Health luck is represented by east. Southeast is a symbol of luck in terms of wealth. South is synonymous to the popularity. While southwest is synonymous with romance. To obtain a family fortune and descent, the west is the answer. If you want the ease of obtaining relief from the sky, the northwest is the right choice.

For business and career luck, you can choose the direction of north. However, if you want educational luck, the northeast is the answer. From here you will realize one thing. Each direction is the direction of luck.  So you just choose which one best suits your expectations.

Building shape determines fortune
After determining the direction of the house, you still need to pay attention to the shape of the house. The recommended shape for a house is a square, followed by a rectangular shape. If possible, you should choose a square shape first. If you want to select a rectangular shape, choose a the one that extends to the rear. Do not choose a rectangular shape that extends to the side.

Rectangular shape is perfect paired with the direction of luck. However, this shape also has a prerequisite. Do not let the shape too elongated to the back. If it is too long, the positive energy that comes into the house will freeze in the middle of the house.

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