How Orange Color Affects Your Home Atmosphere

Orange Interior PaintThis mixture of red and yellow seems to dominate various space either the interior or exterior of a home. Orange belongs to colors with strong characters so that we should apply it thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience. By understanding deeper about the characters within orange color, you can make your home more functional with it.

Physical effects of orange
When talking about orange, people often use the words warm, energy, and cheerfulness and their physiological reaction. Compared to red, orange is softer yet has a more alive appeal. Some people believe that orange can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, stimulating mental activities. Orange is believed to help social development by providing energy and reducing any barrier on everyone. Since this color is associated with the orange fruit, it is said to stimulate the appetite. Orange is also often said to be the color of nature which is related to fallen leaves, wheat fields, and crops.

Characteristics of orange
Due to its power, orange should be used very thoroughly. It will be perfect for interior or exterior accents. Yet, it will be too conspicuous when used in a big and large space. Orange creates a sharp impression which bringing a rough angle. Pale orange is easier to use than the light one because it helps warming the cool room. Meanwhile, light orange brings the touch of sunshine to a dark room and help creating a pleasant atmosphere. That’s why orange is very effective to be used in a promotion media of food and drink. It is often used in an active environment such as in an entertainment area and fast food restaurant.

Orange at home
Due to its characteristics, orange is good for kitchen and dining room to enhance the appetite. It is also attractive for children and teenagers so that it is often used in kids’ room. The strong character of orange will make a room look smaller. So, it is suggested that you use light orange on one side of the interior wall. For the exterior, you can use light orange as an accent to emphasize a shape or existence of something, such as to emphasize the existence of the front door or drop ceiling. For dark or cold room such as bathroom, you can apply orange as a touch to light and warm the room. If you want to use orange for the family room, use it as an accent only. Or, if you want to apply it to the entire room, you better choose soft orange. Too much orange in a family room can be stressful to the eye. What about orange in the living room? Sure you can give an orange touch there which will seem to welcome the guests warmly and cheerfully.

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