How to Add Character to Your Bathroom

Classic Window Treatment Idea for Small BathroomDo you ever feel bored with your home interior? The plain walls, old furniture, and white floor? With such a condition, your home might not have a character. This condition often happens in a bathroom. In fact, a bathroom is a place which is not less important compared to other rooms. By presenting a character in the bathroom, you can obtain a different comfortable feeling. Even any guests visiting your home will also be amazed with your bathroom look.

What are the keys to express your personal style into a character that will not be forgotten? Here’s the answer:

Did you know, that a few architectural detail changes can transform an ordinary room into a high-class room? Use wood to create an imaginary divider on the ceiling like the floor plan of your bathroom.

The bathroom has three main functions; shower or bathtub, toilet and sink, and also mirror. Separate the three functions with a wooden divider or a storage cabinet. The bathroom will be more exclusive because it has many functions.

Window in the bathroom serves to provide natural lighting. A window with a particular decoration can make your bathroom look different and more high class.

Express your taste through the window treatment. Use curtains with your favorite colors and patterns that you think fit the bathroom interior design.  You can also add decorations like a small painting around the window.

Painting is the fastest way to enhance the beauty aspect and change the image of the room. Adding a bit of color in unexpected places can give a great effect.

Use highly contrasting colors for your bathroom. For instance, you could make a whole room and bathroom furniture in white. Then you can paint the bathroom door, window frames, and corners with black color. All those things will make the bathroom look different and modern.

Your room will be narrower if you put the whole stuff on the floor when there are still places in the top of the room unused. Take advantage of that space by installing a wall cabinet or mirror to make the bathroom wall more functional and look more attractive. Place any accessories on the wall cabinet if the floor is too crowded.

Your bathroom lighting can change the mood in the space directly. You better have two types of lighting for your bathroom. Ambient lighting, located on the ceiling to create mood and atmosphere, functional, focused on areas for certain activities. Accent lighting, to be a room decoration such as sconces or wall lighting. Use a chandelier with an attractive finish and wall sconces to liven up the walls.

Furniture, fixtures, and accessories should be incorporated into your bathroom concept. You can design your own bathroom and buy the whole fixtures like bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink, and match them with the furniture such as cabinets or tables. Do not forget to add a matching mirror and some types of plants to liven up the atmosphere.

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