How to Arrange a Small Home Interior

Modern Minimalist Small Living Room DesignDo you ever dream of a big and large house? Or, do you often feel jealous with those who have a big house? Well, actually a minimalist small house can provide many advantages for you if you put some creativity in it.

A lot of big items in your house can also become a decorative part of your minimalist interior. With a smaller budget, you can maximize the minimalist rooms in your small house.

The following are four tips to make your minimalist house more functional and attractive:

Install your kitchen shelf vertically 
If you do not have a big space to put all the objects in your kitchen, the most reliable solution is to put your kitchen shelf vertically or attached to the wall of your kitchen.

With the height of the walls of your kitchen, it is possible to position the shelf this way. You can then put various kitchen purposes on the kitchen shelf on the wall, such as various spices, kitchen utensils, or other items can be put in this shelf.

Don’t use big furniture
Do not be afraid to put large furniture in your minimalist room. Most people do think that putting large objects in a minimalist space will certainly make the space stuffy. But this time we would like to invite you to think out of the box.

You can bring beautiful furniture such as a large sofa in a minimalist living room actually. Do not always think if a large sofa will disturb your guests since it will give a charming effect. Your guests might be thinking, how can you have an idea this unique. Therefore, you should carefully and smartly choose the color for the big sofa. For instance, when your living room wall is white, then a large red sofa will make your living room look good.

Replace your arm chairs with the ordinary chairs
After maximizing your living room, now you can arrange another part of your home. Don’t use the same big furniture for other rooms. Pay attention to the chairs in your house and find it whether they have arms that can be used to support your head, or whether it is like a recliner.

To maximize your minimalist room, so from now on try to replace the recliner seat with ottoman chairs without arms. If you do this, your minimalist interior will look more spacious.

Use a plasma TV which is mounted on the wall
You have a flat screen TV in your house? Do not rush to put it on the shelf like many people do. Try to make your flat screen TV attached to the wall. A cabinet or shelf for your TV must take up too much space. When you put the TV on the wall, then the room would be quite spacious as it could possibly be used to place other objects.

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