How to Bring an Eclectic Rustic Style to Your Interior Home

White Eclectic Rustic Interior Home DecorEclectic rustic interior style is very suitable as an alternative home concept option. For those who want to have a classic, modern, and natural home design, this style can be a perfect choice.

Eclectic rustic style is actually similar to natural minimalist style. Yet, there are some classic touches on the eclectic rustic one. The most interesting part of this style is a balance between its classic, modern and natural style.

Wall paint selection
To create a natural and modern impression in your house, you can choose the right wall paint colors for this. As a base color, you should choose a neutral color such as white. If you want any other color, you can add those which are suitable to the rustic eclectic design concept. Make sure that you do not use too many colors. If possible, use a maximum of two colors only.

However, it would be better if you just use a single color. This is to give a clean impression of a clean and to highlight the simplicity of this interior design.

Creating a natural impression
Eclectic rustic design cannot be achieved without a natural touch, so make sure to carry this natural concept into your interior design. To give the natural impression, you can install a wooden floor or place wooden furniture.

The wood floor should have a color that is in harmony with the color of the walls. The color does not have to be brown. Sometimes people use the black color on the wood flooring. You can choose the color of the wood flooring according to your needs and tastes.

Creating a natural impression can also be done by selecting wood furniture. Not all furniture must be made of wood. For instance, you can combine wooden table with sofa. However, it does not matter if you want to put both wooden table and wooden chairs. Most importantly, the eclectic rustic style should look balanced with other decorations. To give the classic impression, you can select some furniture that has simple ornaments.

Furniture arrangement
The arrangement of furniture is also a very important thing. The principle is not much different from other interior design styles.

Adjust the furniture arrangement to the existing area of the room. For a large room, make it look less empty. As for the narrower room, make sure the room does not look too full. Do it by adjusting the quantity and distance among the pieces or furniture. In order to create a balance in a rustic eclectic style, combine classic, modern, and natural furniture wisely.

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