How to Build a House on a Sloping Site

Architect Bernard Cadelina House in a Sloping LandHomes on a sloping site are usually less preferable than those on a flat site. However, there are also some people who like building a house on a sloping surface. Actually a sloping land surface does not need to be made flat since such condition can become a certain attraction to your home.

Some advantages of building a house on a sloping site are:

  1.      Land prices are cheaper compared to flat surface land.
  2.      The house will look unique.
  3.      It reflects the youthful and high art sense of the owner.
  4.      The value of the house sales will increase, if you manage to create a beautiful home by utilizing the contour of the land.

Then, how to build a house in a sloping site properly? The things you need to consider are the position of the sloping area, the height, the position of street, the size of the land, and the buildings around the land.

After you have obtained all of the data of the sloping land, you can make the home design plan which pays attention to the layout; direction, width, length, carport position, garden, and so on. Many experts suggest that it is better to make a multi-storey house in a sloping area..

With a multilevel structure, it will save the cost of backfilling. Even if there are things to be dredged for leveling, of course only a small part. If the area is not in a great elevation, the height difference in the surface space can be connected to each other with stairs. Whereas if it is sharp, there are parts that need to be dredged and other parts to be backfilled.

The artistic part lies on the different height of the rooms.  This is the height difference that causes the house should be built in a multilevel structure.

In terms of the shape of the building, you are free to decide it as you desire. Or, you can consult it to the experts, because building a house on a sloping site needs special planning and calculation. 

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