How to Build a Tree House

Garden with Tree HouseSpending time with family for some fun adventure which is close to nature will certainly be an unforgettable moment. You can do this with your family members without having to travel far, especially if you have a large yard. How come?

If your yard is quite large with some large trees as well, why do not you try to build a tree house? Building a tree house will surely be an enjoyable moment full of fun because you can build it with your family, and later use it together with them as well. Building a tree house is not that difficult. Here are the things you need to do:

1. Select the tree
The first thing to do is determining or choosing the right tree. Select a large, solid and quite tall tree. Make sure the tree you choose is not adjacent to another tree that becomes a barrier. The tree that you choose should also have leaves that always grow dense in every season to keep your tree house comfortable at any time.

2. Plan the design and concept of the tree house
After determining the appropriate tree, then make the tree house design as you want. Adjust the design and concept of the house with the condition of the tree. If it is found there are several branches that bother, you’d better cut them. However, make sure the branches cut do not affect the strength of the tree.

Remember not to rely on the power of any branch or main stem. If you really want to build a strong and sturdy tree house, create load-bearing or other constructions of wood. However, it is possible for you to choose steel or reinforced concrete for the tree house construction.

3. Tree house materials
Choose wood as the material to build a tree house. Wood is chosen because it is lightweight and easily formed into a house. For a more durable tree house, choose a high-quality wood which is quite flexible and strong to face weather changes. In order not to be attacked by termites, coat the wood with anti-termite and mould layer.

4. Stairs and finishing
Once the tree house frame is completed, make stairs as the access. This stairs will facilitate the construction process of the tree house. When the stairs are ready, proceed to create the floor and put up the walls and roof according to your design. In order to make the tree house sturdier,you can choose iron floor tied with other nearby tree branches.

Benefits of tree house
Many benefits can be obtained from the tree house. Gathering with family members, friends, or relatives in a tree house will give a special sensation. Relaxing while enjoying the view from the height of the tree with leaves swaying must be very pleasant. This is quite an effective way to get closer to nature. It  can also be a medium to teach children to love and care about the environment.

So, the tree house is not only a place to relax or play for children. It can be a space for your own privacy and other family members’. Owning a tree house could be a sweet story for you and the kids when they have grown up. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

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