How to Choose a Flood-Free Housing Estate

Flooded StreetOne way to know whether a housing estate is flood-free is by observing it during the rainy season. When the estate is flooded due to heavy rains, you should no longer make it a choice. However, there are many housing estates which were previously safe now are prone to flood.

According to the observers of urban planning, there is no definite guarantee that previously flooded areas will not be affected by flooding. However, you should select a home that is beyond the threat of flooding, which is located at an altitude or far from the river. In this way, the expected damage and loss can be minimized.

You must be smart at selecting residential housing in a flood-free location. Here are some ways to choose a flood-free housing estate:

  • Collect information about estates from friends, media, and family.
  • Make a list of the appropriate location of estates and visit them one by one to see the location and environment.
  • Look at the master plan, especially the drainage system of the estate. Check where the incoming water will come out. Also check the water reservoir; is it sufficiently large, wide, and deep. Find out whether it is lower than the surface of the house. If it is lower, it should not be an option. Do not forget to ask people around if there was a flood in the area. Also check the ditch or culvert in front of the house.
  • The ideal housing estate must have a good drainage hierarchy. There should be tertiary, secondary, and primary canals which are connected to each other up to the watershed or lake.
  • Also see whether the estate has an open green area which serves as a water catchment area.
  • After choosing the right house location, it is better to design the house one meter higher than the street.
  • Select materials with good and appropriate quality so they do not easily get damaged.

Planning flood resistant house indeed requires huge budgets. However, in the long run it will be very beneficial for your family.

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