How to Choose Colors for Chinese New Year Home Decorations

Chinese New Year Interior DecorationsThe Chinese New Year will soon be celebrated by Chinese people all over the world. There will be many unique Chinese New Year home interior designs during the celebration. For those of you who want to try or are trying to choose the right colors for Chinese New Year interior decorations, you can follow the following tips.

  • The color brown in a home interior design is aimed at creating a warm atmosphere which makes a family moment feel way more memorable and fun. You and your family members, relatives, or guests will feel closer. You can apply the color white on the wall. This color is able to make your room look more spacious, clean, and refreshing.
  • The color brown which is applied on the floor can also provide a warm impression. In addition, you can apply brown on the furniture such as wooden chairs, tables, corner tables, or shelves. The furniture must have a typical Chinese design so that it can bring more warmth to your Lunar New Year home decoration.
  • To provide the Chinese New Year feeling you don’t need to always use the color red. In fact, you can combine the color white and brown to bring a certain feel of Chinese New Year in your living room decoration. The white color can create the impression of calm, making people feel comfortable and relaxed when staying in it.

Choosing interior wall paint colors for Chinese New Year home decorations based on Feng Shui
Did you know that colors can bring harmony and energy? This Chinese New Year is the right moment to change your home interior. The easiest way to do it is to change the interior wall paints. Here are some interior paint color options for your Chinese New Year home décor based on Feng Shui:

  • Red has a strong and dominant character. It is also a sign of bravery which is associated with a warm nature and prosperity, protection, joy and luck. Based on Feng Shui, red is not appropriate to be applied in the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and work space.
  • Yellow has a cheerful character representing happiness, wisdom, and fun. Bananas which are identical with yellow color are believed to make the brain relax and help digestion. The nature of it is firmly attached to the color yellow. Another character of this color is optimistic, resourceful and firm. The negative side is that it is excessive and stiff. This color is suitable to be applied in the kitchen and entrance hall.
  • Orange has an optimistic nature, durability, and is full of inspiration. It is also believed to be able to provide more energy.
  • Green, like the original color of the leaves, has a soothing and refreshing character. The green color is also associated with growth, fertility and harmony. This color is properly used in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Blue, like the sea water, is associated with a sense of peace and soothing. Blue is also associated with spirituality, contemplation, mystery and patience. The negative side is that it is melancholy and suspicious. This color is suitable for bedroom, living room, and meditation and therapy room.
  • White is the symbol of chastity, purity and new beginnings. It is clean and fresh, yet cold and empty without

Those are several tips on how to use and choose colors for Chinese New year home decorating. Be ready to make the most memorable and fun Chinese New Year celebration. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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