How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Bathroom

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Choosing the right materials for bathrooms is tricky. You should consider the condition of the bathroom which tends to be humid, allowing moss to grow.

The following are some materials you can choose in building a safe, healthy, and nice bathroom.

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The bathroom floor should not be slippery because it could endanger you, your children or elderly. A bathroom with no windows tends to be damp and let moss to grow more easily. A rough floor will be easier for the moss to grow which finally makes the floor slippery. When the moss hardens into a crust and stuck on the rough floor, it will be hard to clean.

It is advisable to use a fine material that is not slippery. The floor should also be chemical resistant. You can choose the stones, ceramic, vinyl or use floor paint for the bathroom. Make sure that the floor material is easy to clean. This will enhance the look of your bathroom.

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For the wall, you can paint it with waterproof paint. You can also coat the wall with ceramic, natural stone, or laminate. Whatever wall material you choose, it should have the same aspect to the floor, which is smooth and easy to clean.

Use bright colors for the walls for the ease of cleaning and gives the impression of comfort. There are a lot of colors you can pick to add the artistic effect in your bathroom.

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Bathroom door and windows must be resistant to water because the activity in the bathroom always involves water. You may not use wood for your bathroom. Wood has fibers that tend to absorb moisture.

Use a lightweight and inexpensive material such as PVC, aluminum, zinc, or fiber for the bathroom door. It would be good if you use a laminate door which is cheap, lightweight and easy to clean. Want a modern style for the bathroom door? Use frosted glass door which is a bit thick. Glass doors will be easier to clean and be able to enhance the bathroom style.

If you are forced to use wood, be sure to coat the wooden doors and sills with waterproof paint. This waterproof paint needs to be replaced every year to prevent seepage of water which can make the wood weathered. 

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