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Clean Heathy White Bathroom with Bathroom Accessories

Clean Heathy White Bathroom with Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is an important part in a house design. Not only accommodate the self-cleaning, a bathroom is also a private zone for residents to indulge and express themselves.

In the arrangement of space (zoning) that follows the traditional pattern, the bathroom was always placed in the back area of the house, often separated from the house. Its function was thought to be related to the dirty, so it is not worth placed inside the house.

But nowadays bathrooms are often placed in the front part of the house. The pattern of arrangement is considered more suitable to the modern lifestyle that is very practical. Yet, how to make sure that this modern bathroom supports a healthy life?

A healthy bathroom should always be dry. Bacteria are not easy to breed in dry conditions. That’s why the bathroom should be bright with good air circulation. If there is not window in the bathroom, you can use an exhaust fan.

To create a healthy bathroom, you need to divide the space into a wet area (the showers) and dry area (the sink and toilet). In the wed area you do not need to plug the tub, just a shower. Meanwhile, the toilet must be equipped jet washer. Image credit: 

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