How to Clean a Bed Properly

Woman Sleeping Soundly in a White Bed and White BlanketThe bed is one of the most frequently places we touch and we lie down on. For this reason, the bed should be a completely clean place.

At bedtime, you leave the dead skins in bed sheets or pillows, and perhaps with saliva and sweat. This bed is certainly a favorite place for germs and bacteria to grow. In the end, if the bed cleanliness is not maintained well, allergies and health problems might come to you later. So from now on, do not be lazy to clean the bed and change your bedding such as blankets, pillows and bed linen.

Here are some tips  you can do at home to keep your bed clean:

If you do a lot of activities in bed, then you shall diligently clean your bed. Change the bed sheet once a week to keep it clean. The sheet certainly controls the whole area in the bed so this is one thing that is most widely become a den of germs. You certainly do not want your sheet to cause disease for your own future. If you feel too lazy to wash it yourself, begin subscribing to laundry services which are widely available around your neighborhood.

Wash properly
If you choose to wash the sheets, pillowcases or blankets on your own, then make sure you wash the right way. In addition to damaging the quality of the bedding, washing it carelessly won’t make it clean.  It would be better if you use warm water to wash those items, since warm water does not damage the fibers and will keep them soft. But remember to pay attention to the water temperature.

The recommended warm water temperature is about 40 degrees Celsius. See also if there is a stain on the bed sheet or pillow case, because if the stain is not cleared in the beginning, the result will be a faded stain which may cause wider damage to the bed sheet or pillow case. Make sure the stubborn stains are gone before drying, because the heat of the sun will make the stain stickier.

Do not use bleach to wash your bed linen; always use detergent. If you have more budget, you can also use special detergents that are intended for washing bed linen.

Do not wash your pillow too often, just do it two times in a year. In contrasts, the pillowcases should be washed frequently because they can also be a nest of germs. When you sleep, your skin would stick in your pillowcase. If it is rarely cleaned, you may get problems with your skin health.

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