How to Cleanse Your Home with Feng Shui

Clean Home Interior with Positive EnergyTake a look at the inside of your home. Is there any pile of books, newspapers, magazines, or brochures lying around? See also the wardrobe. Do you still keep the clothes that no longer fit to wear? And, are all the photos on display in the living room represent the happiness of the family?

According to the science of Feng Shui in the house, there will be no new thing that comes into your life unless you provide the space. That is, if you want to move forward, start by getting rid of the old stuff and unused items. Every bad memory also only brings a negative energy.

The science of Feng Shui also reveals that messy house signifies unfinished matters, pending decisions, and inability to forget the past. The occupants would be difficult to organize and easily confused. As a result, a messy house will block the flow of Qi (Chi) or energy.

Cleaning up the house should be done every day indeed. Or, make it a habit to clean the house for nine minutes and nine items every day. That way, Qi will flow smoothly, and the home will be more comfortable to live in.

The following are some Feng Shui tips for house you might need to know.

This most private room in the house should be given a special treatment since it is the space where you shelter. The bedroom should not be in a mess because it reflects an inability to organize, interferes with health, as well as interferes with a relationship.

  • Try not to put too many electronic items in the bedroom, and choose the ones which are battery operated. If not possible, cover them using a fabric that emits the Yin, such as blue or green fabric.
  • If you are married, do not display a picture of your own. Instead, display a picture of you and your partner.
  • Discard or donate all the clothes that no longer fit in the body. Also, put the clothes that will not be used for a long time in a separate place.
  • Clean the table from any unused items (make-up, used books, papers, receipt, etc.).
  • Do not store empty bottles in the bedroom. If the bottles are still able to be refilled, then immediately do it. In Feng Shui house rules, refilling the bottles according to their function is believed to be able to get rid of the feeling of loneliness.
  • Get rid of items that relate to your job.
  • Storing items under the bed symbolizes unwillingness to face the problems and will interfere with your sleep. Therefore, get rid of these items so that you can sleep soundly.
  • Do not place a mirror directly opposite to you while sleeping. Alternatively, cover the mirror when the night has come.

Kitchen and dining room
In order to make cooking and dining with the family send out a positive energy, you can follow the Feng Shui house tips below:

  • Do not hang up groceries since they belong to dead plants. If you do this, it would emit too much Yin. It will also happen to cookware. Preferably, store them in a container.
  • Do not stick a knife on the wall because it will lead to conflict and fatigue. Instead, put the knives in wooden containers.
  • Clean the stove to smooth your fortune. Cooking with feelings of pleasure is believed to bring a good luck.
  • Dispose drinking water, tea, milk, or coffee from the pots and other drink containers after use. If not, your life passion will decrease.
  • Throw away receipts, papers, bills, and dead plants so that the room is not overly dominated by Yin.

All corners
Some of these steps can be applied to all over the rooms while you clean up. In fact, the following list should be applied regularly so that the Qi can flow smoothly.

  • Remove dust, get rid of unused goods, and trim items that are still in use. If not, your energy as the occupants will be chaotic.
  • If you put the shoes and sandals at the entrance hall, make sure these items are stored in a wooden cabinet, rattan cabinet, or built-in storage drawer.
  • Put fresh flowers in the house in a clean container for fresh flowers have a neutral energy and make the room brighter. Conversely, immediately get rid of any withered flowers.
  • If possible, hang a mirror that reflects the views of the outside, but do not let it face the door.

In Feng Shui house design, the bathroom is symbolized as a self-cleaning area so this room should always be clean, full of privacy, has a nice light, can smoothly flow air, and is not in a mess.

  • Discard any items that are not longer used or have expired.
  • Reorganize the items in the bathroom, and make sure the storage area is located behind the door. Cover this storage area with curtains, fabric, or a door.
  • Bathroom is closely related to Yin and water element as well as a symbol of prosperity. Therefore, fix leaky faucet because leak symbolizes prosperity which is slowly faded.
  • Replace any square/rectangular container with the one that has a round and soft shape.

Family room & living room
Although this is a room for gathering with family members, but a quarrel can also occur. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep this room away from negative energies that are destructive.

  • Place your photograph taken when you and your family feel happy.
  • Place electrical appliances such as TV, decoder, DVD player, etc. a bit far from the sofa or seating.
  • Do not place books, newspapers, magazines, and other items under the table.

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