How to Combine Modern Minimalist and Natural Styles for Your Interior

Modern Minimalist Dining Room with Natural AtmosphereThe combination of modern minimalist and natural concept is actually not really new. So you do not have to worry and confused by it. There is one thing you need to consider when combining the two concepts; make sure that both concepts are not too contradictory. When combining them, choose some elements that exist in both of these concepts. You do not need to combine all the elements, though.

Start from the most influential parts 
To create the natural and modern impression, start by decorating parts of the home that are most influential. The floor, walls, and ceiling are three which have a major influence on the atmosphere of the house. You can apply the natural concept on the floor, e.g. by installing wood flooring or other wood patterned floor. Then you can start decorating walls with the minimalist modern style. For the base color, you can choose white and combine it with green or brown.

The ceiling is also a part that has a huge influence. On this part, you can decorate it like  modern minimalist styled interior in general. This method is much simpler than decorating the house with natural style. In addition, wood flooring also represents the natural concept. Thus, both minimalist modern and natural concepts can be well applied and beautifully presented.

Modern natural furniture 
After you’re done with the modern minimalist natural space, you can begin to put some furniture that suits it. Just choose furniture that has a simple design. Wood materials are the best materials to obtain a natural impression. The combination of simplicity and wood materials is what will make the room look natural but still seem modern.

Actually you do not have to always choose furniture made ​​from wood. Since the concept is modern natural, then you can also put some modern-style furniture such as a white sofa in a modern style. To give the natural impression, you can add brown or green cushions. Choose a table made of wood to make your interior look nicer.

Additional decorations
Additional decorations are not always needed. However, its presence could reinforce the impression you want to present. To enhance the minimalist modern style, you can put some electronic equipment. Meanwhile, to enhance the natural style, you can add ornamental plants at some points. With the right combination, the minimalist modern natural impression will even be stronger.

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